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Wet wipes production is our main activity

Let’s get to know each other.

DFC d.o.o. is a family-owned company, which is why we pay special attention to the family and its future - children!

We manufacture wet wipes, baby care products and cosmetics.

The goals we strive towards are:

  • superior product quality
  • customer satisfaction
  • bringing our products closer to consumers across the region and Europe
  • market leadership and innovation

Unique technology

The contemporary equipped space houses the most modern, high-capacity production line unrivaled in this part of Europe. High-tech production ensures the reliability and hygiene of the product, which ensures our safety.


The capacity of our wet wipes production line allows us to quickly meet any demand for larger or less limited product series. We produce all types of wet wipes packs: single packs of wet wipes (1 pc / pack), smaller packs of wet wipes (5-20 pcs / pack), medium packs of wet wipes (25-55 pcs / pack), large packs of wet wipes (60 -150 pcs).

Why choose us?

Quality control

The quality of each product depends primarily on the raw materials choice. Therefore, we pay great attention to the selection of the best quality raw materials for our products. In DFC, all raw materials are subject to intensive monitoring, and we strive to minimize the risk of changes in product quality as well to provide consumers with a great quality, healthy and harmless product.

Our products:

Aqua Aloe Vera Honey & Milk Fresh Ocean Fresh Orchid Sweet Home Sweet Pets .

Aqua Sweet Care

Unique wet wipes on our market!

Sensitive Aloe Vera

Wet wipes for baby care.

Sensitive Honey & Milk

Wet wipes for baby care.

Fresh Ocean

Wet wipes for everyday use.

Fresh Orchid

Wet wipes for everyday use.

Sweet Home

Wet wipes for every household.

Sweet Pets

Wet wipes for pets

Contact info

DFC d.o.o
Zrenjaninski Put 84/5 22
11210 Beograd (Krnjača  – Palilula)

Tel :
+381 11 785 0 246 / +381 11 785 0 247

Fax :
+381 11 785 0 248

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